Monday, December 2, 2013

Remembering the beginning

Ok so for Christmas what I though I would do is share some of my  very favorite holiday traditions. Well at least my top 10 ten holiday traditions.

So here they are . of my favorite traditions that we did when I was little was leave milk and cookies out for Santa. That was always fun

2. We would always watch christmas movies at the start of December. I still love doing this . pawpaw (grandfather). Would dress up as Santa clause and we would sit on his lap and he would give us each a gift.i loved doing that.

4. I love to bake so each christmas I start making my cookies and just bake all thought December,making  pies,cakes cookies and so much more.

5. I start decorating my home with lights,and Christmas trees wreaths,candles and it just makes me wanna have December year round.

6.when it snows I always go make snow angles. I think I'm still a kid at heart but that's ok.

7. My friends and I always go out to see some type of holiday play.  They have always been great each year

8.before Christmas Eve I like to it down in front of the tree and reflect  what all has happened in the past year.

9. I get ready to bring in  Christmas with my family,friends,and pets

10. We celebrate such a wonderful holiday

Ok so now that I have shared some of my favorite holiday traditions, tell me what are some of your favored things you and your family does for the holidays?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

One Big Happy Family.

I have always had a big family. I thank god for that. I do have to say, that is something that I am blessed with. Because I have such a big family, we have always been ones to get together and have dinners or just sit and talk.

              When my pawpaw(grandfather) was alive we use to always get together. One of  our biggest things we would get together for was family reunions that . My grandfather would love family reunions and he would try to go to almost every one of them. Now that my grandfather is gone we have not had so many  family reunions. Actually we have not had any of them ,but today we actually had one and it was great.

Today my family gathered around for the first time since my grandfather had past and it was great. We had so many people there that I had not seen so long. Since we all live so far away from each other its hard to visit each other so when we get together its always like we have not seen each other in a very long time.

We had so many generations of family there. I am luck to still have my great great grandmother and my grandmother around so today my great great== grandmother got to see 5 generations of family. That really put a smile to both of their faces which brought a smile to my face to see them both so happy.

Like I said before we  all had such a great time. It was perfect weather and great food and just a great day. I know now my family will be gathering  more often . Which Is perfectly fine with me.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Im Back

Yeahhhh I'm back .  I have been so busy with work and just life. I have been here and there and everywhere and never get a chance to just relax and and have a few min to my self. So that  is why I have not wrote.  This blog is something that I love  and I care about it. I have always felt like I can say anything that I want to on here and no one will judge me. That is what I really like about having my own blog. Anyways,  I will be posting more tonight or tomorrow .

Monday, July 15, 2013

My Second Talent.

So I have a couple of talents that I really don't talk about much.. One of them being photography. I love taking photos of the sun going down and the sun coming up. My second talent that I actually went to school for and college for was cooking.

I love to cook. I always have, every since I was little.  I love to cook and bake anything. One of the things that I do is bake cakes . I bake all kinds of cakes, from wedding cakes, to regular cakes and custom cakes.  I have been doing cakes now for birthday party's for a few years now.  Here are a  few  photos of  some cakes that I have done..

SO, these are just a few of my cakes that I have done.
I know that they are not perfect. But for being a little rusty they are not bad.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Love Is a Powerful Thing.

I never know where I am going to run into another lesson for life. For me it could be anywhere and I love that.  It differently keeps things interring and it always keeps me on my toes and it helps me realize a lot about life and what it is all about .

The other day at work I ran into another life lesson,like I said I don't go looking for them,they just come to me. The other day while I was at work there was an older could that had came up to me. If I had to guess that had to be in their late 80's or early 90's.

As they approached me I see this older lady who is walking with a walker and her husband right behind her. She come up to me and as me if she could sit down in my chair that I have at my work place. Of coarse I said yes,not problem as her husband leaves to grab them both a bite to eat,me and this lady talked for about 30 min.

We talked about everything under the sun,to where I was from,to where she is from and she ask me if i was married I said no  not yet. I then ask her how long she had been married. As she began to answer this question her husband come back and answers it as well,and they  tell me that that have been married for 65 years and that in November it will be 66 years. 

As I congratulate them both,the older women gets up from the chair with her husbands help and they walk off holding hands and smiling like they were still just married

Although I see people like this all the time,for some reason this older couple just sticks in my memory for some reason. After they left I keep thinking about  them and I keep thinking about love and how it is so precious. It's one of those things to treasure and guard. That's one of those things that I have been taught every since I was little and its one of those things that I will live by.
I told you all things like this happens all the time.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Post Overdue

Sorry I have not posted in such a long time. I have been going through some things and it took time for me to sort it all out. I have been so busy with work, and  family and church that  I really  have not had time to post. Well that and the fact that I just could not think of anything to write about. I think from now on I am just going to write  about what is in my heart .  Don't get me wrong, most of my post that I do  actually do come from the heart but I think I  am going to keep writing from the heart.
 I have got so many things to write about now that I have cleared my head and just took a brake. SO A LOT  more stories will be coming your way

Thursday, May 9, 2013

When Movies Become Real Life.

           Have you ever watched a movie and though after how it really relates to life in general? Well I did,and for the longest time I Never though anything about or how it related to life until I started watching it over and over. I had watched this movie so many times and always though it was just a good movie. I think everyone knows the movie that I am talking about. I am talking about the movie " The Lion King" and  Its one of my favorite movies.

I love everything about this movie. It's one of those movies that  I would watch as a kid and would just stare at the tv for hours. One of the reasons that I love The Lion King is because it's a musical and one of the numbers that I love in that movie is called " I just can't wait to be king" where simba is trying to become king.

In that number Zazu is training Simba to become king and wants him to do everything that a king should and wants him to do it properly. Simba does not want to do it a certain way like his father did and tells Zazu that he is gonna do things his way and his way only. Now I know this because like I said I have seen this movie so many times that I probably could almost repeat this song line by line. But the reason I explain what the song is saying is because this song has so much to do with people and this world and it took me till I was older to figure it out.

In my own words, I think what this song is saying when Simba says "I just can't wait to be king" is that people can be the best they can be just by  being themselves and not trying to be something that they are not. Just like in the movie when Zazu  tried to make simba be exactly how his father was simba felt that he could do and much better job if he ran the kingdom his way.

I think that's what this movie has to do with life . I think that this movie is saying that in this world so many people try to be something that they are not and if  we would just try to be ourselves and not someone else we could go to new highs and could reach the stars and who knows even become king(queen for the ladies).

So, I guess what I am trying to say is that in so many movies especially in a lot of Disney movies you can really find how they relate to life. This is just my opinion, but sit down and watch one for your self and see if you can tell how it relates.

PS: this is what my post is about . see what you all think.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Old Fashion Look.

Ok, so any one who know me knows I am very old fashion in the way I dress, which means I don't wear makeup and I do not were dresses or pink (DIFFENTLY, NO PINK). I do dress up don't get me wrong, but I  just am not very girly, girly

As far as makeup goes, I just don't wear it. I know how to apply it yes, but I just don't wear it. I think as far as makeup goes, I may wear lip gloss , and mascara but that's it. I like to look nice, and very nicely dressed but like I said I am just old fashion . Always have been. I think I could be too, that I am not much of  girly, girly. That being said I love to wear a cute pair of hill and jeans or a cute skirt as much as the next girl just no pink and no dresses and make up

I have always grown  up that way.  I know when I was younger and I lived with my grandparents and I was always brought up in a way that my grandfather did not like me wearing a lot of makeup or if we wore dresses they had to be longer and not shorter. My grandmother was a little different,  with her she did not mind if I wore it, just as long  as it was not too much

Now that I am an adult, and out on my own I can't say that I have changed from my own old fashion ways much. Like I said I still don't wear a lot of makeup and probably will never. I like the fact that I can be myself and not have to put on a mask.  Now, I am not crushing those who do like to wear it. I say more power to you, I am just one of those chicks who think more is less.

As far as the whole girly, girly side of me, well lets just say that I have gotten a little bit better at it. I still don't wear dresses or pink but I do go and dress up a little more..Maby  one day I will get to where I am more of a girly girly but not today or probably any time soon.

Sunday, March 31, 2013


So, today was Easter and it was great.  I know in my family we have always had a tradition.  on Easter to where I come over to my Family's house  and we all meet up and go to church to sunrise service. We all have been going to the same church for well, since I was very little, but this year they decided to go to a different church and not tell me at  the last minute.

You all know I love my family very much and would do anything for them, but however I do  not like change, so when I got told that we were not going to the same church that we had been going to, I was a little upset. In fact I was so upset that  I told them I would not go.

Ok, so I know that sounds selfish and I probably was but I do not like change. In fact I have always had a hard time dealing with it and when It comes to church I was and am stuck in my ways, BUT of course they begged and begged me to go so of course  I went.

The whole time in church I just felt like I was being forced to be in a church where I was not comfortable with.  In my old church, it is  a very small crowd . I like small crowds, and when I get around a large amount of people I just get weired out..

The whole time I just felt like  I could not be myself or express myself in that church and you all know I am a very free person, random YES, and free like a bird. I have to be myself .

It just makes me wounder why I felt like I was being forced.  I don't like being forced on anything and especially with religion , but it was my family.

 So, how do you tell your family that you felt like your being forced to go somewhere where you are not comfortable?
Also, when it's things like different churches, or different religion's what do you think? Should I have just gone on with it and kept my mouth closed about it like I did, or should I have spoke up?

Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm Walking For A Cure.

For the past couple of years well,since my pawpaw(grandfather) was dignosed with cancer  I  have been walking for a cure. I walk in Relay For Life. If you all have not heard of Relay For Life,what it is,is a walk that raises money for cancer reacherch ,to one day find a cure this horrible sickness.. We raise money all year for this walk,and on May 3 I go to the track where we walk and walk from 630 may 3 to 730 May 4.. Now of corse you don't have to walk all that time,but I usually try and walk most of that time.

To raise money for a cure to cancer is what I am all about.I love to give back to this world,and this is one of the way that I do it. I get all my friends and family together and we walk till we can't any more. It's a lot of  stress and time my team puts into it,but at the end of this walk it will show you we can make a difference  just by raising a little money and walking.

My teams name is called the Forever Fighters. I named my team that because my grandfather was such a fighter. I always say he went out with boxing gloves on,that because I believe he did. He was so proud of all his family,and I know now he is looking down on us and specially .
when we walk   To try and find a cure.

If you all ever get a chance to run or walk In anything that is for a cause, like  a breast cancer walk or a MS walk,and yes even a Realy  walk I suggest you all walk or run it. It may be a long day,and you may be so tired at the end of the day,but you will feel like a,million bucks on the inside after I promise you all .

If you all want a little ,more info on relayforlife go to and see what it's all about,

Monday, March 4, 2013

Image In The Mirror

There are so many different body types out there. From short to tall to skinny and heavy and everthing in between each one just as unique as the other.

So why is it that when we see our selfs in the mirror we are always wanting to change our image.

I am guilty of this is well, when I look in the mirror I always say to myself " I wish I could change this or that about myself "  As women I think we are more guilty of this than men. We look in the,mirror and are always wanting something changed.

The question I have to ask is why? Why do we want to change ourselves? Are we trying to impress somebody, or just change the way we feel about ourselves.

For me, I've always been told that I am to Pale,or to heavy, and that,may be true. Im not a size 0 I never will be,and maby im not tan  and very pale but you know what I'm happy with myself and thats all that,matters.

Thats the key to this self image thing. The key is being happy with who you are, on the inside and outside. Not worrying about what we could change to look better,and what we could do to make ourselves look better.

I seen this commercial once where they had a bunch of women in  a room together with a bunch of mirrors. On the mirrors they had blankets so the women could not look at them selves and everywhere they went all the mirrors were covered. By the end of this expiement when the,blankets where taken off of the mirrors the women did not care what they looked like they were just happy with themselves.

Maby this is what we should all do. For 24 hours not look in the mirror, and by the end of the 24 maby just maby, we will have a whole new image without having to fix a thing or change a thing about ourselves.

Back In Time.

I daydream a lot, especially when I'm stressed, when I daydream I dream  about weird things.. Latley I have been daydreaming about the past.

Its got me thinking about if I could go back into my younger life what would I change.about it. Would I change anything about it or just leave it alone.. I told you all I.daydream.about some weird things.

As I look back on my past and my life I'm come to the realization to realize that I don't think that I would change anything about my earlier life. sure I've had a few bumps along the road but what person doesn't

the only thing that I would chance is myself. I think I would change maybe spending more time with my family. I always felt like I spent enough time with them. and even know they're still around me now, I just feel like I wish that I could go back to spend more time with them.

we can't change the past, we can only change the future. we can only change What's in the future